Ant Group says its digital tech unit has seen 300% growth in overseas revenue

Asian Tech Press (Nov 15) -- Chinese fintech giant Ant Group disclosed the overseas performance of its digital technology unit for the first time on Wednesday, revealing a 300% growth.

Geoff Jiang, president of Ant Group's Digital Technology Business Group, said during the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) on Wednesday that the division's overseas revenue through its technology products grew 300% over the past year, mainly in markets such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and other emerging markets.

The Digital Technology Business Group's tech products in overseas markets mainly serve the digital transformation of enterprises, and this is the first time that Ant Group disclosed data on the overseas development of its digital technology business.

Up to now, the digital tech unit at Ant Group has joined hands with more than 300 partners worldwide and served more than 10,000 enterprise customers.

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